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River transport


List of regulatory legal documents related to the field of river transport


1. "Regulations on the procedure for mandatory inspection during the construction, operation and repair of ships". Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 141 of May 5, 2016.

2. "Charter of Inland water transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan". Approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 25, 1997 No. 106.

3. Rules of registration of vessels (registration number 2595, June 17, 2014).

4. Rules of cargo transportation by river transport (reg. No. 2468, 13.06.2013).

5. "Rules of navigation on inland waterways of the Republic of Uzbekistan". (List No. 796, July 9, 1999).

6. Rules of technical use of river transport. (list No. 990, December 6, 2000).

7. Rules for the prevention of pollution by inland navigation waters. (list No. 966, September 8, 2000).

8. Labor protection Rules for River Port workers (approved by Order of the Minister of Labor No. 133 of August 30, 2002).

9. "Standard norms of free provision of special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment for road and river transport workers" (List No. 1511, September 8, 2005).

10. "Rules of labor protection of river transport workers" (list No. 2067, January 14, 2010).


Information about river transport

In total, the register of the Ship Inspection of the Department of River Transport includes 224 vehicles (vessels) operated on inland waterways and water basins of the Republic of Uzbekistan, of which:

The Department of River Transport is a structural structure of the Department of Road and River Transport Development of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan and provides the activities of the Ministry of Transport with issues in the field of river transport.


The River Transport Department consists of the following departments:

a) The Register of Shipping of Uzbekistan (hereinafter - the Register).
b) Inspection of the vessel.

The State Administration authorized to carry out technical control and classification of self-propelled vessels with a main engine capacity of 55 kW or more, non-self-propelled vessels and watercraft with a carrying capacity of 80 registered tons or more is a body.

The Shipping Inspectorate is authorized to monitor the safe navigation of ships and floating vehicles and their intended use in accordance with the tasks set, as well as the safe and reliable transportation of goods in compliance with environmental standards and protection of human life on the ship. navigation on the inland waterways of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a public administration body.


The River Transport Department performs the following functions in order to fulfill the tasks assigned to it: