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1. Information on international destinations
2. Information on newly opened city routes
3. Information on the purchase of a new bus
4. Information on corridors for international shipping
5. List of licenses for commercial transportation of passengers and cargo by road
6. Information about Logistic Performance Index (LPI)
7. Information on available vacancies
8. Information on subordinate organizations and territorial divisions of the Ministry
9. Reception days and contact details of the management
10. Information on investment projects
11. Information on the results of consideration of citizens' appeals and information on the application channels
12. Information on the results of consideration of citizens' appeals and information on the application channels ( by regions)
13. Main indicators of transport activity (Key Transport, International Transport Forum)
14. Information on permits for international transportation of cargo and passengers by car
15. Information about auto stations
16. Some information about the Ministry of Transport
17. Port infrastructure
18. Information on income and expenses of a higher educational institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry
19. Names and surnames of legal entities that have been granted a license to carry out activities for the transportation of passengers and cargo by rail on local and international routes
20. Along with the approved annual cost estimate, information on its implementation, including the costs of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of facilities, purchase and maintenance of motor vehicles.
21. Decision on approval of the composition of the procurement commission and information about the members of the procurement commission
22. Information about official vehicles under the jurisdiction of the Ministry
23. Responsible employees of the Ministry and its territorial departments involved in the issuance of licenses and permits and notifications. Members of the relevant commissions organizing the issuance of documents of this category.
24. Information on the goods (works, services) planned to be purchased by the Ministry at the expense of budget and extra-budget funds
25. Information on public procurement, including goods (works, services) purchased under direct contracts by public procurement entities
26. Information about legal entities and individuals who received land and other property from the Ministry for permanent use on the basis of public-private partnership
27. Information about foreign direct investments attracted by the trustee, economic companies with a state share of the ministry or assigned to the external or trust management
28. Information about state-owned enterprises, as well as cars, service houses and other real estate owned by legal entities belonging to these enterprises
29. Expenses for business trips of the Ministry's leadership and the reception of guests visiting from abroad
30. Information about the members of the public council under the ministry
31. The approved work plan of the Ministry for 2022
32. Information about the name, type of activity, functions and powers of state institutions that are part of the Ministry, as well as their heads
33. Information on projects financed by the state budget, as well as international financial institutions, including prospective investment and infrastructure projects, their main technical indicators and other project documents
34. Ministry order for approval of the composition of the Procurement Commission



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Jasurbek Choriyev
Jasurbek Choriyev
Deputy Minister of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan

"Modern Afghanistan plays an important role in the prospective development of regional transport corridors, it can and should become a connecting link between the countries of Central and South Asia. In this regard, "Termiz - Mazari-Sharif - Kabul The plan for the construction of the ...

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