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A meeting of the Uzbek-Belarusian joint commission on international transport by car was held

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04.08.2022 2071 Yangiliklar

On August 2 of this year, a meeting of the Belarus-Uzbekistan joint commission on international road transport was held at the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus.


At the meeting, the analysis of international road traffic between the two countries in 2021 and the end of the six months of this year, the amount of exchange of permits for bilateral, transit and third-country cargo transportation for 2023, as well as convenience for national carriers issues related to the development of alternative transport corridors were discussed.


The parties exchanged views on expanding cooperation in the field of international cargo transportation in road transport, in particular, improving the qualifications of Uzbek national carriers, involving them in retraining courses based on the advanced experience of Belarus.